VG Snapstories, 20.08.2018


VG (Verdens Gang) is one of Norway's biggest newspaper, and it's currently Norway's biggest news website online (most viewed). In addition to the newspaper and website, they also have a Snapchat were they post news in their Snapstories. They contacted me to get permission to feature my collection in one of their stories there as they were making one about Norwegian world records.


Fun fact; I don't even have Snapchat. I had to download it and register to log in just so I could look at it..




Games Master Magazine



"Join us as we delve deep into the dark future of Cyberpunk 2077 for our packed cover feature. With the creators of The Witcher 3 behind it, this dystopian adventure is set to be a truly ground-breaking RPG – massive, dense, slickly atmospheric, and full of player choice. Inside this issue, we reveal new info about its fascinating world, and all the awesome stuff you’ll be doing while you’re there…

Over in previews, we’ve got hands-on impressions of everything from Spyro Reignited Trilogy, to Trials Rising, to Resident Evil 2, to Valkyria Chronicles 4; our break down of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s incredible, seemingly endless roster; and vital new info on loads more brilliant games besides.

Plus: expert reviews to keep you informed; the best retro gaming coverage around; undiscovered gems plucked from the world of indie games; the secrets of the world’s biggest collection of Zelda rarities; and much, much more!"


"Zelda: Skyward Spending" on page 92 and 93 - written by Anne-Marie Coyle.




Romsdals Budstikke (Norwegian), 30.06.2018


A big interview in my local newspaper.


They even put Zelda on the front page!




Nintendo Lovers (Portuguese), 18.12.2017


I did an interview for a Brazilian site called "Nintendo Lovers" after I got the record. Obviously it got translated afterwards, as I don't speak Portuguese, heh..


Written by Leandro Tovar.




Guinness World Records Website, 29.08.2017


Just a bunch of print-screens I saved from their website.




Guinness World Records Book 2018 (Norwegian)



In the main GWR book, my name and title were listed somewhere in the "Collector Records" section, and that's it (because everything game-related was put in the Gamer's Edition). But, in the Norwegian version of the main book, they put a big picture of the Zelda collection next to other newly achieved Norwegian records in the introduction ("letter from the Editor"). I didn't even know that until someone told me.


Fun fact; I was at the bonfire "Slinningsbålet" in Ålesund when they got the record.




Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2018



One of the photos from the photoshoot was featured on two pages in The Legend of Zelda section of the book, and another one in the introduction. Description of the book:


"From the global authority in record-breaking comes the 11th edition of the world's best-selling videogames annual. Packed with the latest records, coolest stars and the biggest games, the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition is the go-to bible for every gaming fan. Just ask the five million readers who've made it an international sensation!


Inside you'll find amazing stats, thrilling facts, inspirational tales, lightning-quick speed-runs and dazzling photos. Read about the records behind your favourite games including Mario, Overwatch, FIFA, WWE and Rocket League, plus recap on a year of crazy Pokemon GO stories. Go behind the scenes of the world's longest-running eSports organizer. Spook yourself silly with real-life videogame mysteries. Check out the fastest videogame completions. And gaze in envy at the world's largest Zelda and Tomb Raider collections!


You'll also meet gaming heroes such as the world's oldest games YouTuber at 81, a man with a real-life cyborg arm that was inspired by Deus Ex, and the kingpin of eSports fighting games. But the videogame stars don't get much bigger than DanTDM, whose Minecraft channel has been watched nearly 10 billion times!


So we're thrilled he's written a special intro just for the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition. Speaking of heroes.. Grab your cape and turn to this year's special chapter featuring superhero games. It hard to believe it's been nearly 40 years since Superman first exploded onto our consoles! So, we're celebrating with your favourite costumed crime-battlers. From Spider-Man's web-crawling to Batman's gadgetry, they're just as powerful in pixels as they are in the movies. So, whether you want to know who scored the fastest goal in FIFA or achieved the fastest speed-run of Final Fantasy XV, or just want to see the world's biggest Game Boy, this is the book for you!"


I love how they made my text box pink on page 28!




Game On!



"Get ready for another awesome year of gaming with this ultimate guide to the best games including a definitive list of the biggest games of the past year and the new ones coming in 2018.

Game On! 2018, the most comprehensive guide to all the best games, tech, and YouTube stars, features some of the year's greatest moments including exclusive interviews with YouTube legends like Minecraft superstar CaptainSparklez, top streamers and game developers.

This complete guide is packed with information on all the latest gaming hardware, tech, and essential mobile games. Also includes the best gaming secrets, stats, tips, and tricks to help unlock achievements and trophies on games like Pokémon Sun & Moon, LEGO Worlds, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and so much more! All games featured in Game On! 2018 are rated T for Teen or younger keeping it appropriate for young gamers!"


My collection was featured in the small "Meet the Superfan" section on page 58, written by Stephen Ashby.





Heroesofhyrule on tumblr, 01.12.2014


Someone made my collection photo into a meme on tumblr. Funny.




Rev-Level, 21.10.2014


A guy named Lee Revill contacted me after he'd seen some of my Zelda pictures floating around, and wanted to do an interview for his gaming website.


This site is currently a merchandise and digital art-shop though, not sure what happened to the old one.




Zelda Universe, 30.04.2014


Zelda Universe started a similar "Collector's Corner" on their site a few months after Zelda Dungeon. I was contacted by Shona Heath, asking me to be part of their first showcase after I'd sent them some Zelda pictures through their Facebook page.


This was more of an interview than a showcase though.




Zelda Dungeon, 27.02.2014


My Zelda pictures ended up in Zelda Dungeon's "Collection Spotlight" section after I'd sent them some photos. And then something weird happened in the comment section.. It kept growing, and just seemed to never stop. Many, many comments later, the "CS10K" group was formed (Collection Spotlight 10000).





I was never a part of the comments and discussions, I just read a bit of it in the beginning. It's kinda cool knowing my Zelda pictures made Zelda fans come together like that though. Seems like they had a lot of fun too, hehe..


You can read their story on their website.




Spillmuseet (Norwegian), 24.02.2014


This was the first interview I did with a site, and it was part of their new section called "Ukens samler" (weekly collector).


Their into-text says "Take a look at one of the world's largest Zelda collections!" My record wasn't confirmed at that time but I was definitely working on it.




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