Added the sites back, plan for next year




Okay, so far so good. Now I just need to add some sort of "footer" and a few more things to make it look better, and then I can finally continue with the new database galleries.


I'm almost done with my playthrough of Skyward Sword HD. My goal was to complete it before Christmas, and it looks like I will be able to do that. BoTW however.. I guess I will continue farming those poops next year as well. Would be nice to finish it BEFORE the sequel comes out, haha. I think that would be my main goal as of now.




Oh no.. here we go again




Yeah I don't really know what I'm doing anymore (and to be fair I never did). xD


As you can see, I'm doing another update. I decided to remove that stupid inline frame, because it was annoying to scroll on two different places. I've also started the process of adding BIG pictures in the database gallery, using some javascript.

For now, all icons to sites will be deactivated. I'll add them back on once everything is updated to fit this new layout. The database will probaby stay as it is with the small pictures, and then I'll just update whenever I've added the new big ones.

Also, I don't even know if this is the final look of the site. I might re-adjust and fix more stuff as I'm going through everything.




Phantom Hourglass




..has now been added.




The Year of Skyward Sword




Not only is this year Zelda's anniversary, but the game Skyward Sword celebrates 10 years as well.

During the direct in February, Nintendo revealed that a HD version of the game will be available on the 16th of July. I'm currently almost done with my 100% playthrough of the WIi version, and I'm really curious about the new versions differences.. we already know about the controllers - which I love (I HATE MOTION CONTROLS), but will there be more? An Amiibo was also revealed a few days ago, which will make Link's travelling back to the sky a lot easier. I feel like there are enough bird statues spread out in general, but I guess it wouldn't hurt being able to save/go back during any point in the Temples.




The Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary



Happy Birthday, Zelda!

35 years ago, the first Zelda game was released.

In the occasion of this, I've finally managed to play through the Second Quest and added that to the in-game section!




The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker



The new update got a bit delayed because of my newborn baby, but three new hearts have now finally been added. ♥♥♥




End of 2020




Another update is coming in January (I'm almost done).

See you in 2021!




BIG Update



 This is one of the biggest updates I've done, because I decided to re-do almost all of the pictures in the galleries.. They're still quite small (because I don't want to use up the website space I'm already paying a certain amount for), but the quality is better + I've split up figures and added all variations. I also added lots of other things around the site. More details about everything:


Index Updates
-Added Stray Fairies to the right, showing all current Zelda activities etc.

-Added some photos and information about my old websites in the About.

-Added a Bergsala visit and ZU's 30th Anniversary Contest in the Events.

-Added a picture of my collection being a meme in the Media.


Banner Updates

-Oracle of Ages / Seasons

-Four Swords

Picture Gallery Updates
-Changed most of the pictures so they look clearer.
-Added seperate pictures of all figures, cards, stickers etc. for the previous games.
-Added color variations for the previous games. They will be in the same picture, but counts as individual items, just like an official count by GWR (3 color variations = 3 items). Boxed items/sets always count as one item, and will only show up in one picture.

-Added an "Unofficial" section (I could basically put anything here from Etsy, but I'll try to focus on items people often mistake as being official). These items do not count for the total amount at the bottom.
-Added a total of 504 new items.

ONGOING UPDATE: Added a little information for each item, which you can see by hovering over the picture. I'm only done with OoA/OoS and FS so far, but obviously the main goal is to do it with ALL pictures..

In-Game Updates
-Added a picture of my save-file and the Photo Album pictures in Link's Awakening DX.




Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask



 Two new hearts have been added. ♥♥

On to the next update..




Current status



Summer is finally here. It's definitely been a weird time.. not just for me I'm sure, but for the whole world. In my particular case I was working from home from the end of March, and that was fine. As of right now though, it looks like I won't be going back to work at all this year. So that means I suddenly have a whole lot of time on my hands to just do whatever. Anything except travelling, obviously.


So, I'm currently trying to update as much as possible on this site, and I'll hopefully be done with the Ocarina of Time + Majora's Mask section this summer. And then I'll just continue on with all games up to the game I'm currently playing. I just finished Phantom Hourglass, so I'll be starting on Spirit Tracks next.


Other than that I don't have much else planned. Just trying to eat a bit more healthy and going for short walks in safe areas, as I tend to sit on my ass way more than I should now especially during this situation!




The start of 2020 did not go as planned..



Hmmm... Strange times.




Happy New Year!



I definitely got a few plans and goals for 2020.. do you?

Happy New Year!







Added pictures from my time in Cologne to the Event site!




Picture update


Added about 50 new pictures to the merchandise gallery, including a total number of each section.

So far, I have 1055 pictures (LoZ, AoL, ALttP and LA together). And I'm far from even halfway. ..which tells you a lot about how much Zelda merchandise is actually out there.




Link's Awakening



I still can't believe that a remake of this game is coming soon.. Can't wait to play it!


But this update is for the one from 1993/1998. The database with pictures didn't take too long this time, as there's not a lot of merchandise from this game out there. Which is kinda sad.




A Link to the Past


Just finished the third heart. .. only 18 more to go! X) I wonder how many I'll get done this year?

I have a few more LoZ/AoL merchandise pictures to put up as well, but I'll do it with the next update.






One of my goals for this year was to make a new Zelda-site. It's obviously far from done, but at least it's here now. Just another lifetime project. Yay.. xD

After I got my world record, I've had random people commenting on my collection, both positive and negative comments. It has definitely had an impact on my focus and general goals for my Zelda collection. And I think this site is reflecting a lot of it as well;

Majoraís Mask. ďShe even has good taste; her favorite game is Majoraís Mask.Ē
MM has always been my favorite, and always will be. I feel like this is the game you either love or hate though, as itís just so different from the other ones. But as a horror-fan, I love every little creepy detail in that game, and thatís just how it is. Agree or disagree, thatís ok, it's just a matter of taste and preference.

The games. ďI bet she never even played any of the games..Ē

Ouch. Because Iím female? Is that still a thing in 2018? Well, I canít say that Iíve beaten ALL Zelda games, because I havenít. And also if I did, I canít prove it, because I didnít take any screenshots or pictures when I was playing through them many years ago. So another goal this year was to start a playthrough of all of them while documenting it, starting with The Legend of Zelda from 1986. And I also wanted to do a 100% completion as I love collecting things. So this site is now much more focused on the actual games and my achievements in them.

Quality vs Quantity.

So, there were a lot of comments about what my collection was actually consisting of. Hardcore collectors could easily see my rare items, while others just saw a bunch of random toys and worthless plastic. Some said the record was not impressive because it could easily be beaten if you have a lot of money (which is true), while others argued itís not that easy because it takes a lot of time and effort to actually find some of these items. ďThe point he is making is that with a lot of money, you could easily use the internet to probably get pretty close to her total number. Time and luck factor into it, but the internet has made amassing collections far easier than in the old days. It doesn't take away from the impressiveness of her collection, it's just stating the collectors typically out due each other every couple of months, and the record will most likely change hands numerous times over the years as opposed to a physical feat record.Ē Either way, this discussion has definitely made me focus even more on rare items, and also made me wanting to sell off 20-30% of everything I have now that I already got the record for largest collection.

A catalog for Zelda merchandise. ďWow, she has like every Zelda item that was ever released..Ē

Uhm, no, heh.. Not even close. But at some point back in 2010, I was actually thinking about trying to get everything that excisted. Can you believe that? That was an actual idea and possibility in my head back then. So what happened? Well.. Bioworld, Jakks Pacific etc. started producing hundreds of new items, and today thereís just so much out there that Iím having trouble just saving pictures on my computer of it all. So that was a new idea for this site; try to make a picture-database of EVERYTHING that exist, or as close to it as possible. And thatís difficult enough.




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