About my collection


Start date: August 2008.

First item bought: Phantom Hourglass Link plushie.

Why I started: It was just for fun, but I've always been a collector at heart.


What I collect: Except for common Zelda items that I like (statues, plushies, posters etc.), I always prefer spending my money on rare, vintage, promotional or limited items. And I looove prototypes.

What I don't collect: Custom made or unofficial items, most of the newly released (from 2014) items by Bioworld etc.


Current G O A L S:

  • 100% Completion of all main Zelda games

  • Have the most completed picture-database of Zelda merchandise that's out there

  • Have at least 10 prototype Zelda items

  • Have a really nice setup of my collection in a big room


Completed G O A L S:

  • Be the first to have the Guinness World Records title for the World's Largest Zelda Memorabilia Collection (July 2016)

  • Own a Zoraxe (December 2015)



The Collection throughout the years