There have always been hundreds of Zelda items on my wishlist ever since I started collecting. The last few years I've started focusing on more specific items though, and therefor my wishlist has become a lot shorter as well. So if you have any of these items that you'd like to sell to me (or trade), please don't hesitate to contact me. In general I'm looking for vintage, extremely rare or limited items. ESPECIALLY ANY PROTOTYPES, or anything that has to do with them.


Some of the pictures you'll see here are not listed in the "Picture-Collection", because I know/suspect they are unreleased/prototype items. Maybe you haven't even seen some of these before?


And yes, I know some of these items are and always will be unobtainable for me, but I'll still list them here as the collector in me will always long for them.. A wishlist doesn't have to be realistic, does it? Heh.




The Legend of Zelda





The Adventure of Link







A Link to the Past





Link's Awakening





Ocarina of Time





Majora's Mask





Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons





Four Swords





The Wind Waker





The Minish Cap





Twilight Princess





Phantom Hourglass





Spirit Tracks





Skyward Sword





Ocarina of Time 3D





The Wind Waker HD





A Link Between Worlds





Majora's Mask 3D





Twilight Princess HD





Breath of the Wild