Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Obtain all 20 Heart Containers

  • Obtain the Light Arrows

  • Obtain the Mirror Shield

  • Obtain the Tingle Trophy

  • Obtain the Carlov Medal

  • Upgrade the Arrow capacity to 99

  • Upgrade the Bomb capacity to 50 (PAL only)

  • Upgrade the Wallet to 999

  • Collect all 4 bottles

  • Collect all 3 Joy Butterflies

  • Collect all 8 Tiger Scrolls

  • Collect all 8 Swordsman Newsletters

  • Unlock the Remote Bombs

  • Unlock all 6 types of Picolyte

  • Activate all 8 Wind Crests

  • Find a home for two of Din, Nayru or Farore



Collection pictures


Inventory showing all upgrades and items. Bottled items are Blue Potion, Nayru's Charm, Blue Picolyte and Water.


Inventory showing the Tingle Trophy, 8 Tiger Scrolls and the Carlov Medal.


All 8 Wind Crests.


All 8 Swordsman Newsletters.


Nayru and Din in their homes.


Beedle in Hyrule Town, selling the Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and White Picolyte.


All Hearts and 999 Rupees.




Other in-game pictures







Dark Link

 To perform this glitch, simply use one of the charms you get from either Din, Nayru or Farore when you are inside of Mama's Cafe, and Link will change his colors into something that looks like a Dark Link. This glitch will only stay in effect while in the cafe.




Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Vaati

Animal: Minish

Item: Gust Jar

Place: Cloud Tops

Dungeon/Temple: Royal Crypt

Boss: Big Octorok

Quote: "It IS a little embarassing, though. It's so tiny!"

Song: Fairy Fountain




The End