Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Obtain all 14 Heart Containers

  • Obtain the Level 2 Sword

  • Obtain the Boomerang

  • Upgrade the Arrow capacity to 60

  • Upgrade the Bomb capacity to 60

  • Upgrade the Magic Powder capacity to 40

  • Complete the Map

  • Complete the Photo Album

  • Complete the Color Dungeon

  • Awaken the Wind Fish

  • Clear the game without dying to see Marin in the sky



Collection pictures


Picture of the inventory meny.


Picture of the complete map, and Marin in the sky during the ending.



"The Travels of Ikana" Photo Album





Other in-game pictures





Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Martha

Animal: The Wind Fish

Item: Yoshi Doll

Place: Animal Village

Dungeon/Temple: Eagle's Tower

Boss: Genie

Quote: "Mysterious Forest (It's a little bit mysterious)"

Song: Ballad of the Wind Fish




The End