Statues, action figures, gashapon figures, plushies 




Misc. toys, costumes, tattoos, perlers and crafts, puzzles, board games, play cards



Smaller items

Pins, buttons, magnets, patches, keychains, straps, lanyards




Stationery items

School supplies, pencils, erasers, notebooks, calendars, folders, stickers





Collectible cards, post cards, posters, flyers, ads, cels, framed pictures, displays, standees




Household items

Decorations, fabrics, clocks, dinnerware + any type of food




Music and Video

Cassettes, vinyls, CDs, VHS, DVDs





Manga, cartoons, magazines, guides, books





T-shirts, tops, sweathers, jackets, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, caps, gloves





Belts, wrist watches, jewelery, bags, wallets, glasses



Games & Consoles

EUR / US / AUS / JPN, Special, Limited, Collectors Editions




Game Accessories

Cases, bags, controllers, decals



Information about the gallery

Last updated: 25.05.19


Prototypes are not included in this list.


These items are from both of the Link's Awakening games (GB and GBC).


I've only listed the main versions of the games, please be aware that there are other versions with more minor differences (stickers, dates, symbols etc.).


If there's an item you know about that's not listed here, it's either because it's not an official item, or because I've forgot to put it here/don't know about it (please let me know!)


Most of these pictures are not mine, but taken from different auction sites etc.