Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Get all 16 hearts

  • Upgrade the Arrow capacity to 50

  • Upgrade the Bomb capasity to 30

  • Collect all 25 Force Gems

  • Collect both Swordsman's Scrolls

  • Complete the Stamp Book

  • Get the Shield of Antiquity

  • Get the Engineer's Clothes

  • Collect all 32 Train Cars

  • Collect all 20 Letters

  • Collect all five of Beedles's Club Membership Cards

  • Collect the Freebie Card and the Quintuple Points Card

  • Earn the Captain rank from Guard Captain Russell



Extra Challenges and Goals (just for fun)

  • Beat Dark Link

  • Have all Stamps with the date of my Birthday

  • Collect 99 of each Treasure

  • Get all Ranks in Battle Mode

  • Get a perfect 999 hit in the Training Room



Collection Pictures


Kept all of Beedle's Cards, and stacked up on 99 Prize Postcards as well.



Filled up everything I could fill up in my inventory.




The Rail Map


STAR = travel to Snow map

FISH = travel to Ocean map

FLOWER = travel to Forest Map

SUN = travel to Volcano Map





The Stamp Book





Beating Dark Link


The "Take 'Em All On" mini-game has three levels of difficulty. For the third one, Dark Link is the last boss. The background music used during this fight is actually the same as the Ghost Ship Battle Theme in Phantom Hourglass.




All Train Cars





Ikhana's Favorite Train Design



Coming later..




Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Bunnio

Animal: Ocean Rabbit

Item: Rabbit Net

Place: Rabbitland Rescue

Dungeon/Temple: Sand Temple

Boss: Byrne

Quote: "I will become as powerful as the spirits. And anyone who gets in my way will be eliminated."

Song: The Wise One




Random in-game Pictures





The End





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