Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Obtain 16 Heart Containers

  • Obtain the Treasure Map and Boomerang

  • Obtain the Master Sword

  • Obtain the Mirror Shield

  • Obtain the Biggoron's Sword

  • Obtain the Bombchuus

  • Obtain the L-3 Ring Box

  • Complete all Maps

  • Upgrade the Bomb capacity to 50

  • Upgrade the Seed Satchel capacity to 99

  • Collect all 64 Rings

  • Have 0 deaths on each main Save File

  • Have Bipin and Blossom's Son reach adulthood



Collection pictures


 The three inventory menus.


 I tried to make the inventories from the two games as similar as possible, and collected 22 (just a random number) of the seeds and rings.


All 64 rings!


Complete map of Labrynna; past and present.


Complete map of Holodrum and Subrosia.


The Son was named Chris, and I made him into a shy child. And I then showed it to my boyfriend, and said "Look, it's you!" He was not amused..

Chris later reached adulthood as a Singer.




Other in-game pictures





Ikhana's Favorites


Oracle of Ages

Character: Maku Tree

Animal: Moosh

Item: Mermaid Suit

Place: Zora Village

Dungeon/Temple: Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Boss: Pumpkin Head

Quote: "So what kinda candy's never on time? Choco-late!"

Song: Zelda awakens


Oracle of Seasons

Character: Rosa

Animal: Mittens

Item: Ghastly Doll

Place: Lost Woods

Dungeon/Temple: Ancient Ruins

Boss: Medusa Head

Quote: "I love vases.. I don't understand how people can break them!"

Song: Date with Rosa




The End