Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Obtain all 20 Heart Containers

  • Obtain the Golden Sword

  • Obtain the Magic Boomerang

  • Obtain the Red Mail

  • Upgrade Arrow capacity to 70

  • Upgrade Bomb capacity to 50

  • Upgrade the Magic Meter

  • Collect all four bottles

  • Defeat Aghanim



Collection pictures


The Inventory-meny, and Link in the Red Mail full on Magic, Rupees, Bombs, Arrows and Hearts.




Other in-game pictures





Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Bunny Link

Animal: Bone Cucco

Item: Magic Mirror

Place: Kakariko Town

Dungeon/Temple: Skull Woods

Boss: Vitreous

Quote: "Who are you, Mr. Bunny?"

Song: Sanctuary Theme




The End