Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Extend the Life Gauge to 20

  • Obtain the Master Sword Lv.3

  • Obtain the Blue and Red Mail

  • Obtain the Hylian Shield

  • Obtain the Stamina Scroll

  • Obtain the Bee Badge

  • Obtain the Bell and the Pouch

  • Collect all 5 Bottles

  • Obtain the Super Lamp and the Super Net

  • Find all 22 Weather Vanes

  • Find all 27 Fissures

  • Obtain the Great Spin

  • Clear all 50 StreetPass Challenges and defeat Gramps

  • Grow 20 Apples on the StreetPass Tree

  • Give a Scoot Fruit to the Runaway Item Seller

  • Get 9999 Rupees

  • Defeat Yuga Ganon

  • Complete Hero Mode



Extra Challenges and Goals (just for fun)

  • Survive 999 Seconds of the Cucco Game

  • Max out the Rupee Count

  • Find Ravio's Diary in Hero Mode

  • Find all Easter Eggs



Collection Pictures


Filled up on everything and got all items.



Gave a Scoot Fruit to the Runaway-Seller and have all 27 Fissures unlocked.


 Mother Maiamai!




Ikhana's Favorites

Character: Devilish Girl

Animal: Remlit

Item: Ravio's Diary

Place: Vacant House

Dungeon/Temple: Skull Woods

Boss: Dharkstare

Quote: "The hero buisiness seems like awefully tough work."

Song: Ravio's Theme




Random in-game Pictures





The End





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