Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Obtain all 20 Heart Containers

  • Obtain the Gilded Sword

  • Obtain the Fierce Deity Mask

  • Obtain all elemental arrows

  • Upgrade the Arrow capacity to 50

  • Upgrade the Bomb capacity to 40

  • Upgrade the Wallet to 500

  • Collect all six bottles

  • Learn all 10 songs

  • Complete the Bomber's Notebook

  • Return each Stray Fairy to its respective fountain

  • Buy all maps from Tingle

  • Activate all 10 Owl Statues

  • Defeat Majora

  • 0 deaths on the save-file



Extra Challenges and Goals (just for fun)

  • Play a bit on the Demo Cartridge

  • Do the 4th Day Glitch and Fierce Deity Mask Glitch

  • Do the 4th Day Glitch and Fierce Deity Mask Glitch at the same time

  • Find all Easter Eggs

  • Take some cool Pictograph photos

  • Fill up the Bank Account to max amount

  • Beat the game in one 3-day cycle




Collection Pictures


I tried to fill up everything I could fill up. Bottled items from the left: Zora Egg, Seahorse, Gold Dust, Chateau Romani, Deku Princess and Fairy.


All songs and upgrades.


All masks. The Keaton Mask is my favorite.


All activated Owl Statues.


Bomber's Notebook completed with all Happiness Seals.




Characters on the Night of the Final Day





Pictograph Box







Cremia's hug

 If Link helped Romani save the Cows from the Ghosts, Cremia will invite him to accompany her on the ride to deliver the Milk. Link needs to defend the wagon from the Gorman Brothers on the way, and will receive the Romani's Mask as a reward if successful. But, if the quest is completed again after obtaining the mask, there's a chance Cremia will give Link a hug instead! (Or a Gold Rupee)



Dancing ReDeads

If Link wears the Gibdo Mask, Garo's Mask or the Captain's Hat, the ReDeads will ignore Link and start dancing instead. This happens because the ReDeads of Ikana Castle were once a troupe of performers..






The 4th Day Glitch

Go to the Astral Observatory at the end of the 3rd day, and look through the telescope. When the clock is reaching 00:00:00, press B to exit right before it ends. If you are successful, the clock is now gone and the time has stopped. And if you look up to the moon, it is just a tiny dot.

If you enter the moon now, the sky there will be pink and purple instead of blue.



Fierce Deity Link Glitch

This glitch can be done in several locations. You need a small pool of water which Link must jump into. He needs to be positioned in a spot where he is floating, but would stand if wearing the Zora Mask. Press A to dive, and put on the Zora Mask. Then rapidly press B to make Zora Link hop, and while he is hopping, take off the Zora Mask. The B-button will go blank. Hold A to swim towards land. If everything is done correctly, anything can now be equipped to the C-buttons, including the Fierce Deity Mask!

I went to the Clock Tower to take some cool pictures, and then waited for the world to end.




Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Kafei

Animal: Keaton

Item: Fierce Deity's Mask

Place: Inside The Moon

Dungeon/Temple: Stone Tower Temple

Boss: Igos du Ikana

Quote: "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Song: Song of Healing






Random in-game Pictures





The End




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