Ikhana's 100% Completion List

  • Collect 16 Hearts

  • Obtain the Magical Bow

  • Obtain the Silver Arrows

  • Obtain the Flute

  • Obtain the Red Candle

  • Obtain the Magical Rod

  • Obtain the Magical Sword

  • Obtain the Magical Shield

  • Obtain the Magical Key

  • Obtain the Raft

  • Obtain the Stepladder

  • Obtain the Red Ring

  • Obtain the Power Bracelet

  • Obtain the Book of Magic

  • Upgrade Bomb capacity to 16

  • Show the Letter to the Old Woman

  • Defeat Ganon

  • Defeat Ganon in the Second Quest

  • 0 deaths on the save-files



Extra Challenges and Goals (just for fun)

  • See Zelda's Dress in all three colors

  • Have 3 Second Quest Save Files

  • Take a selfie in all areas of the map

  • Do all the LoZ-related stuff on the Game & Watch



Collection Pictures



I bought the Food and the Second Potion, collected 16 Bombs and 255 Rupees.


This is what you see after you beat the Second Quest (European version).




Ikhana's Favorites


Character: Fairy

Animal: Pols Voice

Item: Magical Rod

Place: The Graveyard

Dungeon/Temple: The Dragon

Boss: Gleeok

Quote: "It's a secret to everybody."

Song: Ending Theme




Random in-game Pictures







The End




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