About my collection


Start date: August 2008


First item bought: Phantom Hourglass Link plushie.


Why I started: It was just for fun, but I've always been a collector at heart.


What I collect: Except for common Zelda items that I like (statues, plushies, posters etc.), I always prefer spending my money on rare, vintage, promotional or limited items. And I looove prototypes!


What I don't collect (usually): Custom made or unofficial items, common items and clothing by Bioworld, Jakks Pacific, Difuzed, Pyramid etc.




Current goals (and dreams..)

  • Meet any of the Zelda developers

  • Meet Akira Himekawa

  • 100% Completion of all main Zelda games

  • Create the most extensive database of Zelda merchandise that's out there

  • Have a really nice setup of my collection in a big room

  • See the Nintendo Headquarters in Japan



Completed goals


Attend Gamescom during a Zelda game release

(Completed August 2019)


Get the first Guinness World Records title for "World's Largest Zelda Memorabilia Collection"

(Completed July 2016)


Own a Zoraxe

(Completed December 2015)




The Collection throughout the years


Zelda Collection 2017


This is the last picture I took of my collection as a whole. I displayed everything in our loft livingroom for the Guinness World Record's visit and photoshoot session.



Zelda Collection 2016


The Zoraxe needed it's own cabinet!



Zelda Collection 2015


The Zelda room with glass cabinets from Ikea.



Zelda Collection 2014


I turned my childhood room into a Zelda room. Having everything displayed in my apartment was at that point impossible.



Zelda Collection 2011


The collection grew very fast in a very short amount of time.



Zelda Collection 2010


My two Zelda shelves in my apartment. This is the first "official" picture I posted of my collection.



Zelda Collection 2009


From the beginning of my collecting. I had just gotten a damaged Link statue and took a picture of it. In the background though, you can see my small Zelda collection sitting in a shelf.




History of my collection sites


2014 - The Zelda Collection Sites:


A bit similar to this site, but it was divided differently (IRL vs IG) and without the games having their own sites.



2009 - Zelda Collection Blog:


Background and banners. I was using blogspot.com at the time.


These were my "Top 10 Items" that I had on my blog. ..cute.




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