DIC Animation Cel






Name: Original Animation Cel

Year: 1989

Country: USA

Manufacturer: DIC

Release type: From production




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In 1989, DiC produced a short cartoon series based on the NES Zelda games; The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link. There were thirteen episodes in total that aired before it was cancelled along with The Super Mario Bros Super Show. Some cels from the cartoon are now in the hands of collectors as one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


Cel is shorthand for celluloid, and refers to the material that animation was drawn onto. It was made from cellulose, nitrogen-based chemical compounds and other additives to form a sheet of thin and flexible plastic. They would draw on many cels that laid on top of each other with a background, and then take a picture behind the cels with a light. An illusion of movement would be created when running these images together at a certain framerate. The amount of cels for a cartoon would be thousands. Nowadays, most of the animation industry has shifted into using digital animation on computers.




Pictures of Animation Cels from The Legend of Zelda



A lot of them are similar, but none are the same!


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