Heart #3: A Link to the Past



Just finished the third heart.

.. only 18 more to go! X) I wonder how many I'll get done this year?

I have a few more LoZ/AoL merchandise pictures to put up as well, but I'll do it with the next update.







One of my goals for this year was to make a new Zelda-site. It's obviously far from done, but at least it's here now. Just another lifetime project. Yay.. xD

After I got my world record, I've had random people commenting on my collection, both positive and negative comments. It has definitely had an impact on my focus and general goals for my Zelda collection. And I think this site is reflecting a lot of it as well;

Majoraís Mask. ďShe even has good taste; her favorite game is Majoraís Mask.Ē
MM has always been my favorite, and always will be. I feel like this is the game you either love or hate though, as itís just so different from the other ones. But as a horror-fan, I love every little creepy detail in that game, and thatís just how it is. Agree or disagree, thatís ok, it's just a matter of taste and preference.

The games. ďI bet she never even played any of the games..Ē

Ouch. Because Iím female? Is that still a thing in 2018? Well, I canít say that Iíve beaten ALL Zelda games, because I havenít. And also if I did, I canít prove it, because I didnít take any screenshots or pictures when I was playing through them many years ago. So another goal this year was to start a playthrough of all of them while documenting it, starting with The Legend of Zelda from 1986. And I also wanted to do a 100% completion as I love collecting things. So this site is now much more focused on the actual games and my achievements in them.

Quality vs Quantity.

So, there were a lot of comments about what my collection was actually consisting of. Hardcore collectors could easily see my rare items, while others just saw a bunch of random toys and worthless plastic. Some said the record was not impressive because it could easily be beaten if you have a lot of money (which is true), while others argued itís not that easy because it takes a lot of time and effort to actually find some of these items. ďThe point he is making is that with a lot of money, you could easily use the internet to probably get pretty close to her total number. Time and luck factor into it, but the internet has made amassing collections far easier than in the old days. It doesn't take away from the impressiveness of her collection, it's just stating the collectors typically out due each other every couple of months, and the record will most likely change hands numerous times over the years as opposed to a physical feat record.Ē Either way, this discussion has definitely made me focus even more on rare items, and also made me wanting to sell off 20-30% of everything I have now that I already got the record for largest collection.

A catalog for Zelda merchandise. ďWow, she has like every Zelda item that was ever released..Ē

Uhm, no, heh.. Not even close. But at some point back in 2010, I was actually thinking about trying to get everything that excisted. Can you believe that? That was an actual idea and possibility in my head back then. So what happened? Well.. Bioworld, Jakks Pacific etc. started producing hundreds of new items, and today thereís just so much out there that Iím having trouble just saving pictures on my computer of it all. So that was a new idea for this site; try to make a picture-database of EVERYTHING that exist, or as close to it as possible. And thatís difficult enough.