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Figures (9)

Statues, action figures, gashapon figures, plushies 




Toys (4)

Misc. toys, costumes, instruments, tattoos, perlers and crafts, model kits, puzzles, board games




Smaller items (5)

Pins, buttons, magnets, patches, keychains, straps, lanyards




Stationery items (6)

School supplies, mousepads, pencils, erasers, notebooks, calendars, folders, stickers




Cards (7)

Collectible cards, trading cards, phone cards, gift cards, post cards, play cards




Pictures (28)

Posters, flyers, ads, cels, framed pictures, displays, standees




Household items (3)

Decorations, fabrics, clocks, dinnerware + any type of food




Music and Video (10)

Cassettes, vinyls, CDs, VHS, DVDs




Literature (54)

Manga, cartoons, magazines (with a Zelda cover), guides, books






Clothing (8)

T-shirts, tops, sweathers, jackets, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, caps, gloves



Accessories (4)

Belts, watches, jewelery, bags, wallets, glasses




Games & Consoles (9)

EUR / US / AUS / JPN, Special, Limited, Collectors Editions, NFRs



Game Accessories (5)

Cases, bags, controllers, decals




Information about the gallery

Last updated: 31.07.20


Current total of items: 152

  • Prototypes and items that are one of a kind are not included in this list.

  • These items are from the original Majora's Mask from 2000 on the N64. Anything released after 2015 (except for Himekawa's manga) will be listed in the Majora's Mask 3D-section.

  • I've only listed the main versions of the games, please be aware that there are other versions with more minor differences (stickers, dates, symbols etc.).

  • If there's an item you know about that's not listed here, it's either because it's not an official item, or because I've forgot to put it here/don't know about it (please let me know!)

  • Pictures are taken from my own collection, auction sites and other's collections.



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